The Microsoft Small Business Contest is an opportunity for your Customer and You!

I am departing a moment from the traditional subject matter of technical and sales related content on this blog to share with you something that may interest you, …or better yet your small business customer(s).


Right now, until April 3rd, any of your small business customers can enter our Small Business Contest 2016 on the Microsoft in Business Facebook page




The premise is simple and your customer has nothing to lose!


Small business owners and entrepreneurs – here’s your chance to win $20,000!


Your customer must do the following:

  1. Record a 2-minute (or less) video telling us
    1. Why they started their business
    2. How they got to where they are today
    3. What they learned along the way
  2. Upload their video to YouTube
  3. Submit their entry on the Small Business Contest tab of the Microsoft in Business Facebook page at


Incidentally, there are other prizes as well.   The Grand prize winner also gets Office 365 Small Business Premium, a publicity package, and a Surface Pro 4! Additionally, first, second, and third prize winners make a haul as well with Office 365 Small Business Premium for one year, a Surface Pro 4, and varying lesser amounts of cash!

In case you are wondering about past winners or whether it is worth entering and submitting that video, refer your SMB customer to this video highlighting last year’s winners!


Of course your motives can be partially selfish as this is a great reason to give your customers a call, not to mention you could influence how they might spend that hard won cash! 😉

Make sure you use #MSSmallBizContest on any social media posts related to the contest!

I hope your customer wins!  I should state I am not part of the judging process and am in no way able to influence winners either.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!




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