New Office 365 Admin Center


Tim Tetrick


Don’t know if everyone saw the news, but a new Office 365 admin center was announced a few days ago.  As the service has evolved over the last few years, a ton of new features and functionality have been added, and the goal of this new admin center experience is to make it faster, easier, and more efficient to manage Office 365.


The new Office 365 admin center will gradually start to roll out over the next few weeks as the default experience in your Office 365 tenant.  But don’t worry, while you’re getting used to the new admin center you’ll still be able to switch back to the old experience.  If the new admin center is not your default experience yet, you can log into it directly at  Or you can also click the “Get a sneak peek” link at the top of the old admin center.

As a first step, I would encourage you to watch the following video to get you familiar with the new Office 365 admin center.


For more information on the new features and capabilities, and for additional help, go to

Also, check out the official Office Blog post at Announcing the new Office 365 admin center

In addition, check out the New reporting portal in the Office 365 admin center that was just announced a couple days ago.  There are some great new capabilities here you’ll want to get familiar with!

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