Does RSA SecurID integrate with Azure Authentication?

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Rob Waggoner



A question that came up during my most recent SMB Live:  Does Azure authentication work with RSA SecureID?

The Answer is yes.  I had to do some research, here, but come to find out there has been support for SecurID for a number years.  Here is an announcement from 2011 announcing this capability.  This capability is listed in the Azure Marketplace.


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  1. Tim Duggan says:

    Yes, it does work. You just have to make sure that your RSA usernames and Windows usernames match. I integrated it with our ADFS server and Azure Application Proxy, but I wasn't able to enable it on a per-application basis (that is, once I enabled two
    factor auth, it was enabled for everything that runs over the ADFS server and Azure Application Proxy, including Office 365). I'm sure there is a popular blog post there for the person that does know how to do that! 🙂

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