Default Storage Increase for SharePoint Online!

Todd Sweetser

Hello Cloud Partners!

There was a big announcement last week that further enables SharePoint Online for our SMB customer base – surrounding the default amount of storage a SharePoint Online tenant will receive.  It used to be 10GB + 500MB per licensed user, and this was pooled amongst all SharePoint Online sites created in a tenant.  In SMB this was fairly limiting as many customers did not have a substantial amount of users thus overall default storage was small. 

This has now changed!  Per this post on the blog site, Auditing, reporting and storage improvements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, the new default storage allocation is now 1TB + 500MB per licensed user.  1TB is a large increase and makes the SharePoint Online platform much more flexible for our SMB customers as a potential replacement for an on premises file server, especially for all the documents and files that are accessed regularly. 

Note that the upload file size limit was also increased and is now 10GB.  This allows those large media files to be uploaded and utilized on the Office 365 Video platform. 

Of course, for those that do still require more storage than is allocated additional storage can be added on a per GB basis.  You can manage pooled storage per the updated usage storage model.   All of the storage and upload updates are covered in more detail in the SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits article.

By the way, per the FAQ on the blog post, these changes are rolling out to eligible Office 365 business customers worldwide. We expect to be at 100 percent rollout within the coming weeks. 

Thanks, and good selling!

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