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Q: (from John)

Most of their vendors are moving to a cloud hosted solution for their LOB apps.  This means back end in a vendor cloud with a front end desktop client. I was looking at a few solutions and came across Azure RemoteApp.   So here are my questions:

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Here are the questions and the answers:

  1. Can you use Office 365 with Azure RemoteApp?
  2. If they use Office 365, will they store files on OneDrive and workgroup files in SharePoint?
  3. Can you use Azure AD with RemoteApp?
  4. What is included in the Standard package?
    Azure RemoteApp Standard just defines a performance level. If you were doing simple data entry and browser applications, Azure RemoteApp Basic would be fine. But because you are interested in running Office Applications, you need Azure RemoteApp Standard
  5. Just for clarification – if a user in on RemoteApp 120 hours per month – it is still only $23/month, correct?
       0 to 40 hours is $15 per user
       40-80 hours is $15 per user + $0.20 per hour above 40 hours until 80 hours
       80+ hours is $23 per user
    Remember there is a minimum of 20 users on the Standard service per organization.
  6. In addition to LOB apps, can one of apps be installed?
    You can put as many apps into Azure RemoteApp as you would like. You are charged by the user session not how many or which apps the user runs
  7. Is this only RemoteApp or do they get access to a desktop (all users in this organization currently use thin clients).
    This only delivers applications remotely – if the customer needs the desktop experience, you would need to setup and configure the entire virtual RDS environment using Azure Virtual Machines

More importantly, while validating these answers, I found that Azure RemoteApp has two new, higher-end plans: Premium and Premium Plus. Premium is targeted at environments where the user community needs to run advanced automation in Office like Excel Marcos. While Premium Plus is targeted at users who need to run robust line-of-business apps. Premium has a price range of $20 to $32 per user per month while Premium Plus is $25 to $43. A unique difference is that both Premium and Premium Plus only have a five user minimum unlike the 20 user minimum for Basic and Standard.

Azure RemoteApp pricing


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