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Josh Condie - A friend of mine at Ingram Micro caught this one on a MPN blog earlier this morning.  Thought I would share more broadly with our SMB Channel community:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In mid-November 2015, MPN will retire Partner Learning Center and will launch a new training platform called Partner University (see here for more details). As we plan for this change, here are actions for you to take, during the next few weeks:

    1. By November 11, please complete any trainings or assessments on PLC that are partially completed now. You will not be able to access or finish any in-progress courses or assessments on PLC, after November 11, 2015.
    2. By November 11: please print your PLC training transcripts or certificates of completion, in order to save your PLC records.
    3. There are special instructions here for those working on completion of Learning Plans and those who are Learning Plan owners.



Key FAQ in the link above.  Here are some excerpts:

Q. What is Partner University?

The new training site that replaces PLC will be called “Partner University.” It will contain most of the courses and assessments you can find on Learning Path today.

Q. Will my access to Partner Learning Center be shut off in mid-November?

Yes, the links on MPN portal page that you use to get to PLC today will re-direct you to Learning Path. From Learning Path, you will be able to log into Partner University, using your MPN ID credentials. In addition, as of November 15, all links on Learning Path page that were pointing to PLC will point instead to Partner University.

Q. What will happen to the Learning Path site? Will it go away?

No, the Learning Path site will continue to be available to partners without interruption through the transition to Partner University. We can make our database changes to the site behind the scenes without interrupting partner activity. After the transition, Learning Path site will serve as a runway to connect partners to courses in Partner University.

Q. Will MPN move all of the trainings and assessments out of PLC and into Partner University?

No, MPN is not moving all PLC content to Partner University. PLC contains many old or outdated courses. We are moving/keeping all content that was published in 2014 and 2015, but we are not keeping many courses that were published in 2013 or earlier.

Q: Why is MPN making this change now?

MPN has been listening to you. We have heard your feedback that Partner Learning Center is difficult to use and causes a poor learning experience. PLC has suffered outages in the past year and has often been slow to load or impossible to access. It is time for a better learning experience. Partner University will give partners an improved, modern learning experience.

Q. Will MPN move all of the competency courses and assessments to Partner University?

Yes, MPN is moving *ALL* of the competency courses and assessments to the new training platform, so that partners will continue to be able to attain Silver and Gold competencies via training completion. The competency courses are our highest priority to keep intact and move to the new platform in this transition.

Q. I am in the middle of completing a training on PLC. What should I do?

MPN recommends that you complete your training on PLC before November 14, and print your training transcripts before November 14 as well. After November 15, you will not be able to access your training on PLC and your course progress will *NOT* be saved. This means you will need to begin the training again on Partner University. In order to avoid having to re-do your courses on Partner University, please complete any unfinished courses in PLC before November 14.

Q. I want to save my training transcript/records in PLC. What should I do?

Please print your training transcript by November 14 in order to keep a record for yourself of your training and assessment completion.

Q. What will happen in mid-November when I click on a green tile/course in Learning Path?

As of November 15, when you click a green tile or course in Learning Path, you will launch the course in Partner University, and you will be able to complete all the modules of the course in the Partner University course player, without having to jump back to Learning Path.

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