Office 365 Things You Need To Know: Office 2016 Presentation Tips

This week we’ve been giving you some ideas of OUR favorite features in Office 365 and Office 2016, but if you are selling your solution with these technologies, you must embrace YOUR favorite features and demonstrate them. But where do you get the ideas for features to show?

Aside from this month’s blog series on “Things You Need To Know”:

  • A site that lists “What’s New and Improved in Office 2016”. This is also good to share with your customers. Get them on a trial of Office 2016 and assign them to try two features from this site. There are links to explanations, demonstrations, etc. And as we all know, a customer who tries a product is more likely to purchase a product.
  • As a presenter, I always check the “Take a Tour” documents that come with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They each have examples of four features, explanations, and sample data great for showing how the features work. Some of the highlighted features include:
    • Word with Smart Lookup, Tell Me, Styles, and Real Time Co-Authoring
    • Excel with Flash Fill, Quick Analysis, New Chart Types, and Tell Me
    • PowerPoint with Co-Authoring, Start with a Chart, Tell Me, and Smart Lookup

And remember to have fun!


SDeming Face  Steve

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    Welcome! We are going to be doing a blog series in October on Office 365 and Office 2016 . The primary

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