Office 365 Things You Need To Know: Outlook 2016 and Attachments

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

Office 2016 has released to the wild!  Now we need to learn how it can tame your workflow as you know it today and make your productivity increase with ease!

One capability that has been added involves Outlook 2016 and how attachments are handled.   The old method of manually grabbing attachments every time you needed them and sending them to all users in thread, sometimes causing versioning chaos, has now been supplanted with both improved workflow and the cloud!

You can add files and other items, such as messages, contacts, or tasks to your messages in Outlook for Windows. And now, in Outlook 2016 you can easily attach documents you most recently worked on to your emails from the Insert tab. When you attach files from OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, you can share them as View only, or give the recipients Edit permissions, which helps them collaborate easily on one copy that everyone works on.

Here are a few screenshots on how this works:

When you choose to attach a file it will show all of the recently attached files in a MRU list:

Attach a file in Outlook 2016

You can also browse web locations from OneDrive for Business, OneDrive, SharePoint Sites and Group files: 

Browse Web Locations in Outlook

The default behavior is to give receivers EDIT rights but this can be changed if needed. 

Once you attach the file you can also manage how it is delivered and permissions: 

Choose permissions for an attachment

For full details on how this works see the help information at Attach a file to an email in Outlook 2016 for Windows.


Please check out the full series on Office 365 here:


Thanks, and good selling!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome!  We are going to be doing a blog series in October on Office 365 and Office 2016 . 

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