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Azure first started to gain traction SMB partners with the availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As partners explored Azure’s capabilities for a customer, they often setup subscriptions based on their Internal Use Rights only to find that they needed to transfer those services to a different subscription to properly manage them. In addition as customers directly explore Azure they often realize greater success when they engage their technology partners. These situations exemplify the need to transfer Azure subscriptions more poignant.

In the past, if a subscription needed to be transferred, we recommended reaching out to Azure Billing Support to facilitate the transfer. Not all services would successfully transfer, but it was the best solution available.

By using the Transfer Subscription option on the Account Subscription Summary page, you can move billing to someone else, change the Azure sign up account, or consolidate your Azure and Office 365 tenants. Here’s the announcement from the Azure Updates Newsletter:

Ability to transfer subscriptions now available
You can now easily transfer a subscription you own to another user via the Azure Account Center. This means you can update billing ownership, change the account admin to a different user, move your Azure subscription from one directory to another, or consolidate Azure and Office 365 subscriptions from multiple tenants. Note that so far this has been rolled out to accounts in the United States for Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions, but we’re actively working on expanding to other countries and offers as well. For more information, please visit the Transferring an Azure subscription documentation webpage.

We still can’t guarantee all services will successfully transfer and engaging Azure Billing Support may still be needed, but we’ve clearly improved the experience.


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