Windows 10 Shortcut Keys

Q: (from East Region Team)

We were in the middle of demonstrating Windows 10 and how to create multiple desktops – how do you switch from one desktop to another using keyboard shortcuts?



To switch desktops using the keyboard, press the <Windows> and <CTRL> keys and use the <Left> and <Right> arrow keys to move from desktop to desktop. (Thanks to Melanie Gass for looking the answer up in Bing)

But to address the bigger question, what are the other shortcut keys available in Windows 10? There is a downloadable document found at

Some of the ones that caught my attention:

  • <Windows><CTRL><D> to create a new desktop
  • <CTRL><ALT><Arrows> to change screen rotation
  • <Windows><C> puts Cortana into listen mode without having to say “Hey Cortana”
  • <Windows><PrtSc> takes a screenshot and puts the image in Computer/Pictures/Screenshots folder
    (but <ALT><Windows><PrtSc> doesn’t just take a picture of the active Window into the folder – darn it!)


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