Controlling Where Office 365 ProPlus is installed

Q: (from Chris)

Administratively, how can a user manage what licenses are installed on what machines for office?

I have an administrator that does not want his users to download office on machines that are not corporate. How can he manage this easily?



We support two deployment methods for Office 365 ProPlus: through the Office 365 deployment portal and from a corporate deployment server. If the customer wants to control which machines Office 365 ProPlus is installed on, they would have to use a local deployment server.

Here is an article on the topic:

Another detail I found interesting: if you deploy Office 365 ProPlus through our portal, updates are automatically deployed to the user desktop. If you use the local deployment server, you can use traditional patch management tools.


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  1. Chris Clark says:

    Installing it from a deployment server would not prevent the user from going home and logging into the portal. Then they would be able to install with the click to run installer from the software section. I know that you can now restrict OneDrive from
    synching based upon IP addresses. I wonder if MS is working on the same feature restriction for OfficeProPlus installs.

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