Removing Windows.old

Q: (from Bernard)

I just installed Windows 10… I have been try to remove  a file " Windows. Old"  from my SSD drive. Keep getting the message You will need to provide administration permission to delete this file.



Regarding removing the “Windows.old” folder: First, I want to warn you, that this process can’t be undone. Second, this is the folder that is used if you want to “go back” if you choose to uninstall Windows 10 in the first 30 days. There is a tool to help clean this up:

  • From the Control Panel or Cortana type “Administrative Tools
  • Choose Disk Cleanup
  • Click the Clean up system files button
  • From the resulting list, select Previous Windows Installation(s)
  • Click OK

Here is a link to the official Microsoft instructions:

Please be careful with this option.


SDeming Face  Steve

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