Provide instant value to your customers on SharePoint Online with these awesome partner solutions!


A lot of the SMB partners that I work with struggle at providing value to their Office 365 customers on SharePoint Online because they “lack the in-house SharePoint resources” or “are not a SharePoint partner”.  If this is you, no problem!  Check out the following two partner solutions that will provide your customers instant value on SharePoint Online.  Both solutions are partner friendly and have specific partner programs that allow you to own the customer relationship and make some nice margin.  Check them out!


LiveTiles brings to market an elegant and intuitive interface for quickly cobbling together attractive portals by which users can access Microsoft services like SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure.

Sites and pages can be built on the platform with drag-and-drop functionality and then deployed for use to everyone from students to retail workers.

Microsoft has long suffered the reputation of lacking elegance, but partners like LiveTiles are introducing style to the user experience.


ServicePoint365 by Cloud|AG

Setting up a user-friendly SharePoint Online environment for your Projects or Services organization can be a real challenge. How will content be organized? Will navigation be intuitive? Can we secure/share select data? Don’t worry. We hear you.

ServicePoint365 is an Office 365 SharePoint App designed for the Projects and Services industry with an intuitive user interface and information architecture that organizes content into a structure that makes sense and takes the guesswork out of where information is created and stored. The solution consists of a number of “Centers” that are pre-configured for Company Intranet, Client/Prospect Management (CRM), Project Management, Proposal Management, Resource Management, Process Management, Knowledge Management and Vendor Management. Customers simply apply ServicePoint365 to their Office 365’s SharePoint Online environment and immediately start managing and collaborating on critical information in a secure, stable and easy-to-use environment.


Thank you and let me know if you have any questions!

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

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