Azure Readiness: Check out the Azure Partner Readiness Catalog


Woody Walton

Building your skills on Azure is extremely important to not only a fledgling practice, but also to those wishing to stay current.  As we have seen an increase in uptake of Azure in the SMB space, our partners sometimes struggle to get the right training they need to quickly learn the ever increasing array of Azure services.

Step in The Azure Partner Readiness Catalog.


According to his post of last month on the US Partner Learning Blog, Frank Campise, a US Partner Technology Strategist on Azure,  the Azure Partner Readiness Catalog was designed to address the challenges partners have “in understanding what Azure resources are available to fit the needs of both your business and the technically-focused individuals in your organization.”

What I find nice about the catalog is that it is not stale.  Only current and relevant information is portrayed.  Also the searching is first class by either text, Azure feature/service, source, content type, technical level, or even language.

I have found it useful for quickly finding resources to hand off to partners so they can address customer inquiries around topic areas within Azure they are not well acquainted with.  Frank further states “It follows a crowdsourced, trusted contributor model to provide you with a current view of the many Azure readiness options available to partners.”  I like this approach.

I would encourage you to read Frank’s post linked above or at for a comprehensive description of the Azure Partner Readiness Catalog, which is located at an easy to remember URL of

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the APRC is managed by Frank and his peer, Steve Luper, a Director focused on partner recruitment in our Azure incubation team.

I encourage you to check it out!



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