Windows 10 Readiness: Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition

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If you are behind the eight ball on Windows 10 readiness or simply would like a concise reference on the new operating system to be released on July 29th, I would remind everyone of the free MS Press book in preview by Ed Bott titled Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition. It can be downloaded at Microsoft Virtual Academy.  This 115 page book is broken into 10 straightforward chapters that can be easily read at a lunch break, while on a plane or train, or at ones desk.   Though the title points to IT Pros I think the book, because of it brevity is useful to power users,, sales persons, and decision makers as well.  It clarifies what Windows 10 represents in my opinion and spells out important aspects on security and even Windows 10 Mobile.

The chapter breakdown is below:

1.) An Overview of the Windows 10 Technical Preview

2.) The Windows 10 User Experience

3.) Installing and Deploying the Windows 10 Technical Preview

4.) Security in Windows 10

5.) Deploying and Managing Windows Store Apps

6.) Web Browsing and Windows 10

7.) Windows 10 Networking

8.) Virtualization and Remote Access

9.) Backup and Recovery Options in Windows 10

10.) Windows 10 on Phones and Small Tablets

A quick read that is well worth the time.  Similarly, one can find a wealth of free MS Press ebooks on numerous Microsoft technologies on Microsoft Virtual Academy by clicking the graphic or link below!

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