The Path to Windows 10 Webcast–Replay

 Recently I co-delivered a webcast called the Path to Windows 10 with Simone Ando, Product Marketing Manager, Windows and Devices.  In the webcast we talked about how Windows 10 will be the best business platform ever – enabling our business customers to be more productive, simplifying management and deployment, working with all their existing apps and helping protect data in a modern world.

This new platform adapts to the devices you're on with a consistent, familiar and compatible experience that enables your customers to be more productive. What’s more, Windows 10 apps will work across all Windows devices from mobile to tablet to PC, including Xbox One – if it works on one, it will work on all! And there ’s so much more it can do.

The replay is available on the Partner Learning Center (PLC), the details and recording can be found here:

The Path to Windows 10 Replay



Matt Hester
Sr. Partner Technology Strategist

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