Windows 10 will be Available on July 29th! SELL OFFICE 365 TODAY!


J.J. Antequino


Partners, you have a tremendous desktop upgrade opportunity ahead of you.

Earlier today, Terry Myerson announced the official launch date of Windows 10!

We all know that when a customer upgrades their Windows desktop they will need Office to go along with it.

With Office 365 you have the flexibility of PER USER licensing which allows you to install your Office desktop apps (ie. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) on up to FIVE devices… including the new Windows 10 device that your customer will either be purchasing or upgrading from.

Your customers don’t have to wait to enjoy the benefits of the new Office today, nor do they have to worry about “losing” the license of Office they purchased on their older OS/device.

And as we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, you still have the opportunity to earn up to 52% in margin/incentives/rebates if you sell Office 365 in June!

Check out the O365 More Money Madness site here:

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