Office 365 Role Based Notifications

Q: (from Gail)

Do you have insight or a reference to help a partner that wants clear guidance on how to configure tenant management so that the right notifications go to the right people at the customer. I understand there are designations for Billing Admin and Global Admin and the partner has made some changes in the partner portal, but they aren’t seeing them reflected. The example given was that a number of people at a customer are getting the monthly notification saying that their credit card was billed, and they want to control that kind of thing.  Can you provide guidance?



I was unable to find a specific reference that correlated administrative roles to the notifications received, but I did find a great table that shows the capabilities of each role:


And from experience, I can tell you that Global and Billing get all billing notifications, and that Password get lockout and password change notifications. I’ll update this blog post if a find a more authoritative resource.


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