Windows 10 Editions Announced

Q: (from so many partners, I can’t count them)

What editions will be available for Windows 10?



It appears the Windows 10 Edition lineup was announced on the Windows 10 blog on May 13th:

And then repeated by everyone all over the blogosphere including some of our own sites:

In summary, there appear to be several consumer and business editions based on our recent product history:

  • Windows 10 Home – for consumer desktop, laptop, and larger tablet devices
  • Windows 10 Mobile – for phone and smaller tablet devices
  • Windows 10 Pro – for commercial desktop, laptop, and larger tablet devices with enhanced business features and update options
  • Windows 10 Enterprise – for organizations who need deeper security and deployment choices for their devices
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise – for organizations who need advanced management and deployment options for phone and small tablet devices
  • Windows 10 Education – for students, teachers, staff, and administrators

Please see the above links for more detailed information on each edition. At this time, Windows 10 pricing has not been announced – I’ll update this post with more information when it’s made available.


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