Microsoft Virtual Academy: Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional


Woody Walton


I am always asked where partners can go to learn more and build their skills around Microsoft Azure.  As there are so many locations where great Azure content lives, it is tough for partners to keep track of them all, much less canvass all the Microsoft web properties looking for them.

As much of our readership here on the TS2 Team Blog are Microsoft Partners, I thought I would pass along an upcoming webcast on Microsoft Virtual Academy in the first part of June that you might want to consider.

From the registration page:

Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional (The Americas)


June 2-3, 2015 @ 9AM- 1 PM PDT

Do IT security concerns keep you up at night? You're not alone! Many IT Pros want to extend their organization's infrastructure but need reassurance about security. Whether you are researching a hybrid or a public cloud model with Microsoft Azure, the question remains the same: Does the solution meet your own personal and your organization's bar for security, including industry standards, attestations, and ISO certifications?
In this two-part, demo-filled course, explore these and other hot topics, as a team of security experts and Azure engineers takes you beyond the basic certifications and explores what's possible inside Azure. See how to design and use various technologies to ensure that you have the security and architecture you need to successfully launch your projects in the cloud. Dive into datacenter operations, virtual machine (VM) configuration, network architecture, and storage infrastructure. Get the information and the confidence you need, from the pros who know, as they demystify security in the cloud.

The live virtual session will be instructed by Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN)


If you want to get up to speed on Azure Security this June webcast may fit the bill.





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