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Rob Waggoner


As we build Azure to be the most complete global cloud solution, we run into the issue where every service cannot be in every one of our datacenters, especially when new services are deployed.   We have a staged approach on delivering new services where we will initially deploy them in certain datacenters, then over time deploy the new services more widely.  With that said, we maintain a webpage here, of the services we offer and the actual datacenters that provide a particular service. 

The three items that are recent additions to our services (CY 2015), and thus in limited deployment are; the G-series VMs, Azure Site Recovery (ASR), and Premium Storage.  In SMB I don’t run across requests for the G-series and Premium Storage every day, but they do come up every now and then.  I’ve spent a lot of time with ASR and am looking forward to this solution being deployed in the Central US datacenters.  For now though, ASR is only available in the East and West datacenters in the US.  Since these two datacenters replicate between each other, this means that with Globally Redundant Storage (GRS) you will have your replicas stored on both sides of the US, while keeping your data within the US. Take note that Backup is currently only offered in the East US and West US datacenters as well, but from an availability perspective, do you really want your backups that close to your servers ?

If you are architecting solutions on Azure, it may be useful to bookmark this page: since it lists all of the services available and is updated as new services are deployed.

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