New MPN Offer – Internal Use Rights for SkyKick

Onur Dogruoz


MPN Team announced a new Internal Use Rights (IUR) offer to help you with your migration to Office 365. This offer is called “Office 365 IUR SkyKick Migration Offer” and gives you free use of SkyKick’s Migration Suites to easily migrate and deploy your own business to Office 365. We hope you take advantage of this valuable offer.

With the Office 365 IUR SkyKick Migration Offer you get

  • Free use of SkyKick’s Migration Suite to migrate your business to Office 365 (up to 500 seats)
  • Migration project automation reduces 90% of the effort from planning through PC set up
  • Data migration and set up prior to the DNS record being moved, which means no downtime, hence less risk and full control of the project
  • Includes the SkyKick Outlook Assistant which updates users’ computers, migrates local data, sets up Outlook with users’ settings and connects to Office 365 automatically

To take advantage of this offer, go to to learn more details and register today. The offer lasts until the end of June 2015

Please also read the announcement blog of Gavriella Schuster, General Manager WW Partner Group on MPN Blogs.

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