It’s Official: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) hits Open License and Reseller Community Monday!


Woody Walton

 UPDATE:  See Webcast on April 1st on EMS.  New Post here

Well the wait is finally over.  Starting Monday, March 2nd, the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite , aka EMS, will be available for sale through distribution via Microsoft’s Open License Program.   EMS was only available via the Enterprise agreement since its inception last year and has sold quite well addressing several business needs around mobile device management, cloud identity management, and data protection.  The inclusion in the Open license lineup is long overdue, and although we must deal with the yearly payment model which is not ideal, does allow for transactions to filter through resellers until it is incorporated into other more “cloud ready” sales modalities such as Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

To refresh everyone's memory, EMS is comprised of three products, each addressing different business needs.


Some of the these products such as Windows Intune and Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) have been available separately for some time through the Open licensing program, but the noted absence of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium has caused frustration with the reseller community for some time.

Azure AD premium is seen as beachhead into the cloud as many resellers want to develop hybrid and or/cloud identity solutions for their customers and Azure AD premium provides a much more robust platform for identity needs. See the graphic below or the Azure website:


EMS represents a great value in that the pricing is discounted versus the purchasing of the component offerings separately (all constituent products are available a la carte).

Azure Active Directory Premium =$6 per User /Month ($72 annually)

Windows Intune (without Windows Client OS) = $6 per User /Month ($72 annually)

Azure RMS = $2 per User /Month ($24annually)

This versus a combined price of $7.20 per User /Month ($86.40 annually)

This allows for a great up-sell/ cross-sell opportunity to and from Mobile Device Management sales to Hybrid / Cloud identity offerings.

Just a note that a lesser offering called Azure AD Basic will be released at the same time.  It will sell for $1 per User/ Month and has limitations (see graphic and hyperlink above).

EMS and associated SKUs are available for Commercial, Education, and Government customers.

I have heard this was what resellers wanted/ needed to start selling Azure to customers.  Please let me know your thoughts.





* all prices referenced are commercial MSRP.

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  1. KensterVibe says:

    Hi Woody,

    Two questions for you. Can you clarify if AD Premium stand-alone is indeed available in Open Licensing or is that coming soon?

    Secondly, there is lack of information on prerequisites for buying EMS in Open licensing, if any? in an EA, there were some prerequisites to go along with purchasing EMS but what about in Open Licensing?

    Thanks for any info!

  2. KensterVibe says:

    Follow-up: The March 2015 Product List shows that the full Intune license is available under Open and Open Value licensing. But it shows that EMS is only available under Open Value and not Open licensing? I thought I have read verbiage on various Microsoft
    sites or blog sites that indicated that it would be available under both Open and Open Value? Can you clarify?

  3. Andy says:

    Woody – do know if a non-profit / charity SKU for EMS will be made available at some point?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Todd Sweetser Hi Cloud Partners!  My colleague Woody Walton recently blogged about the availability

  5. Anonymous says:

    Woody Walton Hopefully you read my post of last month which discussed the addition of the Enterprise

  6. Woody Walton says:

    @KensterVibe Regarding your first Inquiry, yes AD premium (and AD Basic) for that matter are available a la carte. they are 6 and 1 dollars a month (paid yearly). As far as prerequisites there are none for the pricing mentioned. If however a customer has
    invested in Microsoft technologies such as the core CAL w/ SA or the Enterprise CAL with SA, then there are EMS "Ad-on" SKUS launching April One that offer better pricing. I will be updating my blog today to include this information. In the mean time I will
    be investigating if both Open Value and Open License have the SKU lineup. You might call your preferred Distributor and ask for the Microsoft Licensing Desk. They can get tis information quickly.

  7. Woody Walton says:

    @Andy, There are not Non Profit SKUs available as of yet and I have seen no time line. …If you are wanting to do identity work like app SSO, you might see if AD Basic works as the price is $1 a month (12 a year) , though there are limitations.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Woody Walton On March 1st we added The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to Open License Offerings in Open

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tim Tetrick Back in October, 2014 Microsoft announced that built-in mobile device management (MDM) capabilities

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