New Solution Accelerator: Azure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


I am pleased to announce the availability of a new Azure Solution Accelerator – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)!

Solution Accelerators are technical documents that offer in-depth, step-by-step guidance on implementing Microsoft solutions. The third in an ongoing series, this solution accelerator focuses on providing guidance in developing a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy to help your customers protect critical data, applications, and workloads across public and hybrid cloud environments. 

Intro video for the Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution Accelerator:

The guidance included in the BCDR Solution Accelerator includes how to setup Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for disaster recovery, using Azure Blob storage as a destination for your existing backup tools and how to setup and leverage Azure Backup.


Click here  to download the BCDR Solution Accelerator and get started with your Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy today!  The BCDR Solution Accelerator includes the following components: 

1. SMB Azure BCDR Getting Started Guide
2. SMB Azure BCDR Solution Brief
3. SMB Azure BCDR Customer Presentation
4. SMB Azure BCDR Jumpstart Project Plan Template
5. SMB Azure BCDR Overview Document
6. SMB Azure BCDR Pre Engagement Questionnaire
7. SMB Azure BCDR How-To Standard Workload Scenario Guide
8. SMB Azure BCDR How-To SQL Server Scenario Guide
9. SMB Azure BCDR How-To Active Directory Guide

Start with the “Getting Started Guide”, which will provide a description of the remaining resources.  The “How-To” guides are the step-by-step instructions that your consultants will follow for the various technologies covered. 
Approximate BCDR Solution Accelerator completion time:  8 hours.

Please let us know your feedback on this Solution Accelerator, as your feedback is critical to the success of our accelerators and future accelerators.

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Solution Accelerator – Azure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

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    Welcome! My team will be doing a number of videos around various components in Azure. The goal of this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome! My team will be doing a number of videos around various components in Azure. The goal of this

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    Listed below are the best practice steps followed by partners to get started that went on to develop

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