Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Q: (from Bill)

I have a quick question on two factor authorization for Office 365.  Is it available with all plans (i.e. business essentials, premium, E1, E3)?



My Bing search on “Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication” I found LOTS of resources on how to enable MFA and that announced adding MFA to Office 365 from February 2014 before the Business plans were announced, but nothing that confirmed MFA for the Business plans.

Finally I thought to look at the Office 365 Service Descriptions:

And in the section under User Account Management:

User Account Management

Office 365 Business Essentials

Office 365 Business Premium

Office 365 Enterprise E1

Office 365 Education E1

Office 365 Government E1

Office 365 Enterprise E3

Office 365 Education E3

Office 365 Government E3

Office 365 Enterprise E4

Office 365 Education E4

Office 365 Government E4

Office 365 Enterprise K1

Office 365 Government K1

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365








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