Project Sky – Sell O365 Through Business Organizations and Influencers


Josh Condie - We are pleased to announce that the Project Sky Office 365 discount code program from Microsoft has been extended through April 6th!  ACT NOW as quantity is limited, and codes are on a first-come first-serve basis (see details below).

Microsoft knows how important it is to stay current and connected with your members and local business community. Microsoft Office 365 is here to help with your value proposition to Business Organizations/Influencers. Project Sky is a program which offers a deep discount for 1 full year on Office 365 (E3) to qualifying 501(c)(6) customers.


  • Kim Williams, COO of iCorp Technologies and webinar guest speaker summarizes her experience:  “Project Sky is a win/win for us as partners and our customers.  It opens the door for O365 and makes it easy for the influencers to envision how they can get to a modern platform. The program allows them to engage and envision the path to O365.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive out Google and increase your services revenue.”


How to get the Discount:

  1. Email to let us know you are interested in this limited time offer
  2. Move Business Organizations/Influencers to Office 365 through the discount offer (Ex:  Chambers of Commerce, Vertical Associations etc.)
  3. Through your services and Office 365, gain the advocacy of the Influencer
  4. Convert that advocacy into educational opportunities for the members to learn about Cloud
  5. Create a special offer of your own to drive cloud sales to the members of the Influencer



To get more information and to take advantage of this limited time offer please send an email to:

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