Modernize Windows – Resources for Moving from Server 2003/R2 and 2008/R2


Josh Condie – With all of the recent communication around Windows Server 2003 EOS and Windows 7’s end of mainstream support, some in the SMB world may have missed the coinciding arrival of the end of mainstream support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.  Here’s a look at the Support Lifecycle page on our public domain (accessible to all for the published lifecycle of all Microsoft products, BTW):  HERE


Translating this chart:

  • No more requests to change product design and features
  • No more non-security update support
  • No more complimentary support included with the license, licensing program, or other no-charge support programs

Now, keep in mind, Security Updates will continue, and paid support is still available in all forms.  Yet this should further drive home the point that now is as good a time as ever to position a modernization of your customers’ server environments and datacenters to the Public Cloud – Microsoft Azure

In support of this effort there are many tools, programs and resources.  We have spent a lot of time recently blogging and educating around the Migration Accelerator.  Wonderful tool.  There are other options as well, that comprised both education, program and technology tools.  Here’s a great example of one that kicks off in just a few short weeks

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The Partner Technical Services team is excited to share a new initiative focused on helping you migrate from Windows Server 2003 before end of support. 

The Windows Server 2003 offering has been designed to help you and your customers migrate from Windows Server 2003 to modernize their IT infrastructure with Windows Server 2012, and/ or Cloud Infrastructure (Hybrid Cloud/ Azure). 

In these online workshops, get help to  understand various migration path to upgrade the legacy servers and datacenters. The Windows Server 2003 Modernization offering will help you understand the processes and tools around migrating datacenter infrastructure and workloads to the dynamic new model of hybrid cloud computing. 

Windows Server 2003 Modernization

Program Benefits:

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand Challenges associate with legacy systems, and need for migration
  • Address challenges with Hybrid Cloud
  • Assessment engagement overview
  • Migration paths
  • Datacenter Consolidation & Migration approach
  • Overview about Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

To see the course descriptions, dates, and times, and to register for one or more webcasts, please click on the link below:

Windows Server 2003 Modernization

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