Office 365 Video…A great opportunity for Partners!

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

Over the past few years I've worked closely with many of our great Office 365 partners in exploring ways they can provide value to their customers around SharePoint Online, the primary collaboration platform of Office 365.  We’ve built out strategies around file collaboration and management, project management, business process management with forms & workflows, customer external sharing sites (extranet), business intelligence,  and company intranet design to name a few! 

In early 2015 I’ll have another SharePoint value add offering to discuss with partners:  Office 365 Video!   I’ve been asked by many partners over the years about how they can easily upload and stream their customer’s video collections on SharePoint Online.  The solution to this problem usually required a custom development project or an expensive third party tool…until now!  Learn more about Office 365 Video and the many business use scenarios here!


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