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Sara, one of my peers asked me to post the following information... Normally I’m reticent to just repost information in the TS2 blog – but honestly, I think Internal Use Rights (IURs) are one of the most underutilized resources by partners, so anything I can do to promote the cause, I will!

If you are looking for basic IUR allocation, you can easily subscribe to the Microsoft Action Pack and get five Office 365 licenses and $100 of Azure time each month. On it’s own, the $100 of Azure time each month pays for the MAPS almost three fold during the year. But what if you need more IUR allocations for your business? Then you could look at being a developer (MSDN IURs are additive) or get something like the Cloud Platform Competency, because you get more Office 365 and Azure IURs.

What follows is the full text promoting IURs to partners. For me, the WIIFM is the table of IUR grants.


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Partners that use Microsoft Software internally sell more!

When partners tap into their firsthand experience, success follows, both directly and indirectly.

“… it (IUR) also provided us with the experience we need, so that we can properly deploy and customize these services for our customers.”

-Brian Phelps, Smooth Strategy, a US SMB Partner

Partners see a direct relationship between their use of Microsoft online services and growth of their cloud sales. Those that use cloud solutions internally dramatically outsell their counterparts, basically they use the cloud to sell the cloud!

“The ability to learn how the solutions work in the real world by running it in our own organization is significant. This helps us close deals too because we believe in it — we use it.”
– an 8 person partner organization with $1.5M annual revenue.

What do you get?

Partners receive internal use rights licenses (IUR) for Microsoft software and online services as a membership benefit from the Microsoft Action Pack and Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competencies. These licenses can be used for internal productivity and collaboration, demonstration, development and testing, as well as for internal training purposes. The IUR benefit also comes with the added flexibility of being able to choose on-premises, online services or any combination in between, plus the ability to change this at any time.

Take a look at the table below for a snapshot of the cloud IUR grants.


For the partners who have earned the cloud focused competencies listed in the table, you are able to add the incremental seats to your core allocation. Here is an example of how it works

  • If you have any silver competency, you receive 25 seats of Office 365 as a core benefit.
  • If you have a silver Cloud Productivity competency, you receive 25 incremental seats of Office 365.
  • If you also have a silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency, you receive 10 incremental seats of Office 365.
  • Add your core license benefit (25) with the incremental seats earned from the competency specific benefits (25 for silver Cloud Productivity and 10 for silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions), you have a total of 60 seats of Office 365 for internal use.

Get Started

  1. Watch this video which shows you how to activate your online services benefits or this short Azure IUR video to learn how to access your Azure benefit.
  2. Follow these helpful step-by-step instructions to activate your Office 365 benefit.
  3. For further details, access the Internal Use Rights resources on the MPN Partner Portal.
  4. Diane Golshan’s in-depth review of “Use the cloud to sell the cloud – activate your internal use benefits” blog post

For questions, contact MPN Support for guidance

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  1. james milner says:

    wow this page is great!!! helped me out a lot!! check this video out too helps me out tons on how to save money!!!

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