New Office 365 Sales Guidance for SMBs

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Woody Walton

Hopefully you are now aware of the New Office 365 Business Plans which released at the beginning of October.  These new plans were created based on both customer and partner feedback.  In the eyes of my peers and myself these plans represent some of best value in terms of productivity solutions universally, not to mention flush out the Office 365 lineup with yet more solid choices to address the diverse array of business needs our mutual customers have today.  I would encourage you to read Tim Tetrick’s  post on the new Business Plans from October 3rd.  Tim highlights the major differences between the plans and points to some resources.

As these new plans have released, we have been hard at work to furnish you, the partner, with great sales readiness around the new offerings.  One example is the updated Office 365 Plan Selector Tool.  See Onur Dogruoz’s blog post on this topic here.  There are also very helpful materials on the Ready-to-go Marketing (RTG) site.

I know, I know!  You are saying to yourself that you are looking for partner readiness content, not marketing content, right?   I feel the same way!  When I think of “campaigns”, I think of politics, military operations, marketing, and things like that.   I won’t dwell further on the labeling of content on the RTG site, but please know that ALL campaigns on RTG have Sales Focused partner readiness content and much of it is quite good!

Three examples follow for selling Office 365 in SMB.  They are all part of the “ModernBiz” campaign.  Hidden gems if you will! Winking smile

Office 365 Sales Guidance Document


You can see my way of the above image above the Office 365 Sales Guidance document is the “one page” answer to understanding the new business plans.   This quick reference matrix should be within easy reach by all your reps.  Along with the aforementioned plan selector, this should hold you in good stead until the tough questions come.  Please download this now from the RTG site (click image above).


Pitching the Right Office 365 Plans to SMBs

For a more thorough drill down on the new Office 365 Business plans I recommend this PowerPoint.  It has the right amount of detail for most initial sales conversations.  It contains sales scenarios, detailed plan overviews, upsell info, and comparison data between SMB plans and also the existing enterprise plans. Download here.



Office 365 Overview of New SMB Plans

This is the most comprehensive material I have seen either internally or externally on the new Office 365 Business plans.  It includes everything in the pitch deck mentioned above, but goes way deeper into the weeds.  It discusses trial information, the new “Getting Started Page”, and perhaps most importantly very thorough information for the transition of existing customers over the next year.   It addresses most of the permutations as it relates to moving to the new plans from the sun setting plans (Small Business, Small Business Premium, Mid-sized Business), and from stand alone plans like One Drive for Business or Exchange Online.  This will be my go to reference until something better comes along. Download here.



All three of these resources are winners!  I would like to thank Manish Agarwal in the Microsoft Office Division for bringing them to my attention so you I could share them with you!

Here is to finding hidden gems and a reminder that not all content on RTG is related to marketing.






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