Moving from Office 365 Enterprise E3 to Office 365 Business Premium

Q: (from Greg)

Clarify the transition plan – if moving from E3 to Business Premium, what happens to Access and Lync? Does the customer need to uninstall and reinstall Office? Will they be rendered useless?



To see the differences between the Office productivity suite included with Office 365 Business and Office 365 ProPlus:

To switch from Office 365 ProPlus (included with Office 365 Enterprise E3) to Office 365 Business (included with Office 365 Business Premium), you will install the new plan and remove the old plan according to:


SDeming Face  Steve

Comments (3)

  1. Sandor Gonzalez says:

    Hi Steve,

    Other than the process involved in uninstalling Office 365 ProPlus (part of E3) and installing Office 365 Small Business Premium, is there something else? Could you just purchase new SMB Premium licenses, assigned them to the existing users and cancel the E3


  2. Jorge Girol says:

    Hi Steve

    I have the same issue tan Sandor, can you please clarify if there is something to be done regarding Exchange, Sharepoint or Lync, in order to pass the tenant form E3 Plan to SMB Premium?


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