Adding Exchange Online Archiving to Office 365 Business Plans

Q: (from Patrick)

Can you add al a carte archiving to any business plan?



Using a Bing search: “"Office 365 business" "legal hold"” I found that Exchange Online Archiving can be added to both Business Essentials and Business Premium according to:


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Comments (4)

  1. Bobanner says:

    I recently moved a client to Office 365. Three of the users Purchased Office 365 Premium and wanted to take advantage of Online Archiving. We purchased 3 archiving licenses. After I enabled archiving on the accounts, archiving works but no archive licenses
    were consumed. I called Microsoft to see if archiving was already part of the Office 365 Premium subscription. After 30 minutes they couldn’t find that answer but assumed that it must be the case.
    Also I’ll note that the Office 365 desktop applications that were installed as part of this license did not allow the Online Archive to be visible in Outlook. Anyone know if there is an Office 365 Subscription that does allow inline archive to populate in Outlook?

  2. Tom L'Ecluse says:

    The problem is that you need an Enterprise Office to see archives in outlook.
    I guess that your archive will be visible in the webclient using

  3. Diane says:

    I’ve read that all Office 365 Plans has In-Place Archive, but for Enterprise or Exchange Online 2 it has In-Place Hold. Meaning, all Office 365 has archiving feature but Office 365 Business Plans doesn’t have unlimited archiving because it doesnt have
    In-Place Hold feature to preserve the archiving to a longer period of time.

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