Tools to help you price out Azure solutions


Having difficulty pricing out Azure solutions?  Make sure you are using the latest Microsoft Azure pricing tools.  Descriptions below…


1. Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator (
You’ve probably been here before.  This online pricing tool offers the following:
-Quickly pricing out Azure workloads including quantity
-Typically partners will copy/paste costs into their own quoting tool

2. Azure IaaS Cost Estimator Tool (Software download)
-Downloadable tool that will scan your customer’s existing hardware and provide VM sizing recommendations on Azure.
-Install and run a profile scan in 15 minutes on stand-alone server, Hyper-V host or VMware Host (deployable on Windows clients)
-Compare with legacy on-premises costs
-Establish economic business case for Azure early in the sales cycle

3. Microsoft Azure Open Calculator Tool (Excel based)
-Excel based quoting tool
-Includes preferred scenarios calculator
-Quickly create customer quotes
-More user friendly than the quoting tool

Check out the above tools and let us know how your quotes turned out!

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Partners, Last May I blogged a sample Azure quote to show how easy it is to price out Azure solutions

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