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Josh Condie – As a follow-on to my colleague, Tim Tetrick’s, blog regarding Apportals, I thought I would update the community with the recently announced resources to help in building these solutions. 

First, Apportals in a nutshell:

An Apportal aggregates all the systems and applications that you use day-to-day under one Windows 8.1 Start Screen. 

Windows Apportals were built in response to numerous customer requests to create an “on-the-glass” integration for the wide variety of LOB apps that exist in their organizations today, including legacy Windows 7 desktop applications; newer, modern Windows 8 apps, and web-based applications.

Apportals can be generated by vertical, by industry, or by role, and allow custom branding with customer-specific logos.



What’s in it for you?

·Provides a compelling sales motion to engage customers (demo)

·Drives pipeline for services engagements

·Creates uplift and pull through opportunities across the Microsoft stack

·Supports Office 365 activations and CRM & Windows 8 deployments

How Windows Apportals support customer engagements:

·Clear and concise way to introduce Microsoft solutions to customers

·Simple way to “show & tell” the value of Windows 8 in the enterprise

·Tailored for industry, role, and vertical-specific scenarios

Finally, how do you get started:

  1. Download the Windows Apportal Prototype Generator and create customer specific scenarios.
  2. Download the Technical How to Guide
  3. Incorporate into your sales and deployment motions
  4. Give us feedback:

Last but not least: In-Person Training Coming to a City Near You!

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