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Josh Condie – Office 365 Nation: The Gold Rush is On!

Recently, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella (pictured), defined the Office 365 opportunity as the new gold rush. It’s a heartfelt and accurate statement. Nearly every day Microsoft is reporting new sales records confirming Office 365’s momentum. Simply stated, this is the real deal and you need to hear that message right here, right now!

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So what are the first steps along the long-term Office 365 journey? Consider attending the first independent conference dedicated to Office 365 this fall at Microsoft Redmond. Dubbed “Office 365 Nation,” this is a three-day deep-dive summit into both the technical and business conversations surrounding Office 365. Powered by the well-respected SMB Nation community, this conference offers, in addition to peer interactions, the following 20 impactful content sessions:

 September 26-28
Microsoft Conference Center Building 33
16070 NE 36th Way,
Redmond, WA 98052

  1. B101: Office 365 Licensing Topics

2. B102: Elevating Security – Enhanced Office 365 Security Briefings

3. B103: Elevating your Game – Strategic Office 365 Consulting Opportunities

4. B104: Elevating Office 365 – Planning, Deploying and Delivering Office 365

5. B105: What Do I Do Now With Office 365?

6. B106: Selling Office 365 Best Practices from World Leaders

7. B107: Hybrid Hour: Ten Best Practices for Office 365 + On-premises Server

8. B108: Capstone – Bringing It All Together

9. B109: Profit Beyond O365

10. B110: Azure 101

11. KEY3: Attract, Sell, Wow: How To Be Your Customer’s Hero and Sell Much More than Office 365

12. T101: Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus: Expanding Your Deployment Skills

13. T102: Microsoft Office 365 Security, Privacy, and Compliance Overview

14. T103: eDiscovery and Organizational Search in Microsoft Office

15. T104: Old School: On-Prem Server-Side Live Demo

16. T105: Encryption in Microsoft Office 365

17. T106: Coming to Grips with SharePoint Online

18. T107: The Business of Yammer

19. T108: Level up with PowerShell for Office 365

20. T109: Lync: The Red Headed Stepchild

The facts are this: Office 365 will be a decade-long “run” and this is your chance to be there at the start. The train is leaving the station. Jump on and attend the independent Office 365 Nation conference, September 26-28, 2014 at Microsoft Redmond’s conference center.

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