Office 365 for Non-Profits

Q: (from Ken)

I want to sign up a non-profit customer of mine for Office 365. I remember discussion about a conflict arising from the domain used for the trial period and post but can't remember if we should use their real domain or a temp one for the trial. Also, should the contact information entered for the trial be myself (the IT guy) or an administrative contact at the non-profit?



Qualified non-profits can subscribe to Office 365 E1 or Small Business as a donation and Office 365 E3 at a significant discount. The organization can start their trial like any other organization, but then needs to immediately apply to validate their non-profit eligibility. Once approved, the organization will receive their Office 365 E1 subscription as a donation and can upgrade to Office 365 E3 where needed. You get started at this link:


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