How To Create an Office 365 Support Organization


Josh Condie – As Office 365 gains deeper acceptance and adoption in the SMB community, and as Microsoft’s partners focus more of their internal resources on building a managed service practice around this cloud service, now more than ever is the time to optimize the support and the support opportunity for enhancing cloud revenue streams.  Below is a reposting from the partner technical services BLOG that I wanted to make sure reached a larger SMB partner audience.



Available now on the Partner Learning Center is a new training on best practices for creating an Office 365 Support Organization.  From the session description:

Partners want to have a consistent approach to support their customers and reduce the incidents they need to escalate to MS for resolution. This training will help Partners to build and grow their own Online Services Support Organizations, which will enhance their customer relationships and result in increased revenue opportunities.

The target audience is either Partners who have an existing Support infrastructure and want to improve their customer experience by employing guidance and best practices from Microsoft, or Partners who do not have a support organization and are looking for guidance on how to plan, structure, implement, and continue to improve the customer-to-partner support experience.

Click here to access: Creating an Office 365 Support Organization

Again, see:

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