Public Roadmap for Office 365

Q: (from almost everyone I talk to)

What’s coming up next for Office 365? When will (fill in the blank) be available?



In the distant past, people in my role had limited insight regarding what was on the horizon for new technologies within Microsoft. And often, even if we had insight, we had to be careful because a lot of that insight couldn’t be immediately shared with customers and partners.

But this week all that changed!

We now have the Public Roadmap for Office 365 for businesses. Go to and you too can see what has been recently released, what is about to be released, what is on our radar for the future. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and I’m sure release dates will change based on availability of stable code, but this is great for keeping you in-the-loop and helping you help your customers see how Office 365 is advancing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    To complement my earlier posting on the Office 365 Roadmap site, we now have a site where we are publishing

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