Test Lab Guides for Public Cloud – A Reusable Alternative to Virtual Labs


Josh Condie – Test Lab Guides are now available for Microsoft’s Public Cloud offerings:

By making you perform the actual configuration, Microsoft TLGs are very helpful in the evaluation phase when you want to get your hands on the product to understand the infrastructure requirements and product setup in detail. You are left with a working test lab configuration with which you can experiment and customize to match your own configuration, to learn troubleshooting tools and techniques (with corresponding troubleshooting TLGs), or to perform additional configuration (with corresponding test lab extensions).

TechNet Virtual Labs  are a set of online Web experiences that allow you to test drive, in 90-minute blocks of time, new and improved features and functionality in Microsoft products. TechNet Virtual Labs can be very helpful when you want to quickly see the functionality of a product or feature early in the evaluation phase. However, TechNet Virtual Labs are not a long-lived experience that you can experiment with and customize for your own purposes. Additionally, TechNet Virtual Labs do not take you through the setup of the infrastructure requirements of the feature or product.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Public Cloud Base Configuration is the one to begin with.  It will create the following:

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