Case Study: Dynamics GP on Microsoft Azure


If you’ve contacted Microsoft requesting guidance on building a successful Azure practice, chances are you’ve received the following messaging:  Azure is a platform on which partners can design and offer their own solutions or packaged offerings.  Partners can leverage Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service offerings as the foundation for not only new offerings but also existing services that you may already offer your customers.  Azure IaaS and PaaS allows partners to reduce capital expense when building out the infrastructure for solutions, a fast time to market (just sign-in and start provisioning VM’s), elastic scale, global availability and consumption based billing, all great reasons to bet on Azure! 

Don’t take my word for it, check out the following case study which features a great partner offering from Syvantis Technologies of Dynamics GP running on Microsoft Azure!

Case Study Summary:

Catalogic Software, originally a division of Syncsort that was spun out as a private entity, faced a unique challenge when it opened its doors in 2013. It needed to put new IT infrastructure in place rapidly, like a typical technology startup, but because it already had a mature client base, it couldn’t tolerate any disruption to its existing customers while it built out the new systems.

For financial management, Microsoft certified partner Syvantis rapidly deployed, configured, and provisioned Microsoft Dynamics GP on Azure, migrating existing financial data from Syncsort to Catalogic—and from on-premises to the cloud—with virtually no disruption to the business or to financial processes. “We have zero tolerance for downtime,” says James Farrell, Manager of Data Protection Software Services at Catalogic. “And in the end there was no downtime. There was no disruption to the business.”

Click here for full Case Study

What type of solutions can you provide on Azure?  Please feel free to comment on this post with ideas for your own solution or packaged offerings on Azure.

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist

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