If you are selling Lenovo and Microsoft to Education–Shape the Future!


Woody Walton


Well, there are sometimes challenges we face being a big company here at Microsoft.  Sometimes, because of how we are segmented (and our shear size), we do not always know what other groups are doing.

Enter the Education Program:

SHAPE the FUTURE with Lenovo


My first exposure to this program was during a conversation in Chicago with Ford Pearse, Vice President of Product Management –Lenovo at SYNNEX Corporation.  He was thanking me for Shape the Future helping land SYNNEX and their Lenovo resellers some nice deals.  …I had no idea what it was.  A cursory look around Microsoft yielded very little information, and most of it was outdated or high level with limited usefulness. I tabled it.   A little time passed and I was at SYNNEX supporting Microsoft efforts last week and dropped into Ford’s office to say hello and he again called out this Promotion by Lenovo and Microsoft.


I turned to Lenovo and started searching on the web and found what I was after.   I was elated to find that The VAR Guy Guest Blog had a post on May 7th which highlighted the program quite nicely called


Shaping the Future with Lenovo and Microsoft

by Sam Liebl , an Inside Channel representative at Lenovo

Thank you Sam!   Sam goes on to describe the program:

Microsoft & Lenovo Partnership

To offer a comprehensive toolkit to its partners, Lenovo has teamed up with Microsoft to provide aggressive pre-approved pricing when selling into U.S. public sector K-12 customers. Lenovo is the perfect choice to pitch alongside Microsoft: Our history of durability and reliability appeals to school administrators and teachers. When a nationwide survey of school CIOs asked whether ruggedness of a device played an important role in their IT purchasing decisions, almost all said, "yes."

…Lenovo has created 17 Topseller, or pre-built, models to make it easy for you to order and more profitable when you sell. Prices start at $399. ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation are among the systems available. You can find the list of products available here.


There are several caveats as it relates to the program as only certain SKUs qualify and only certain account that are on the K-12 education list are eligible.  The best resource I have found is the Lenovo site Sam mentions above, but Google and Bing searches did not find it withy simple queries.  Other helpful resources are below.



The bottom line is these promotions are discounted skus that allow you to meet the price points that budget conscious educational institutions need, sometimes with significantly superior specifications. 

If you sell to education don’t miss out!





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