Azure: How do I change subscription billing from Pay-As-You-Go to a Commitment or Pre-Pay?


Woody Walton

Well, the SMB Azure Boot Camps have drawn to a close, and the feedback has been great from those partners that attended!   As the new fiscal year begins at Microsoft we will be planning a new series of readiness efforts around Azure in the channel, but in the meantime I thought I would answer a few questions I received this week in Minneapolis.

UPDATE! Read about our June Azure OZ deep dive webcast series here.

If I (or my customer) subscribes to Azure using the PAY-AS-YOU-GO plan, and then as my usage increases I want to move to a payment plan that offers discounts such as six or twelve month commitments, can I do that?

…The answer is YES!  Absolutely you can do that. Here is how:

You simply open a billing support ticket in the management portal. From the Azure management portal  ( navigate to support in the upper right drop down menu under the logged in user and select Contact Microsoft Support

Screenshot (1)

You then get to the dialogue shown below.  If you have multiple subscriptions (as is likely if you are a partner) make certain you have selected the correct one.    Select “billing” as the support type, and create a ticket. once contacted by email, you can tell support you would like to move to a commitment based plan.   Note in my dropdown below the only option is billing support.  Unless you pay for one of our other support options this is the only support, save the community forum.

Screenshot (2)

You will want to identify which type of commitment you want to change to.  A list of plans is located here and a screen capture is below.


Note that you get an additional 2.5% discount with the pre-pay option only on the 12 month pre-pay plan.  As your use (or your customer’s use) of Azure grows, you may want to change how your subscription is billed.   Keep in mind though that we announced Azure will be coming to Open Licensing through distribution on August 1st, 2014, so that may be a great open for you moving forward.

Lastly,  You will want to check your bill to insure the change has been made correctly.  If you move to a commitment based offering your bill will reflect this.  See below the line item which denotes commitment charges and service dates (6 or 12 month time period).

Screenshot (3)

You can view your charges by selecting “view my bill” while logged into

Select the “account” option on the tabs at the top:

Screenshot (4)




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  1. Matthew Steeples says:

    This doesn’t appear to be available to new customers anymore. Is it being replaced with another offer or is there no longer a way of getting a discounted rate?

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