Sample quote of an Azure VM project

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist


One of the most frequent questions I receive from partners new to Azure is how to build and quote their first project.  Browsing the pricing calculator on can be quite an intimidating experience as the service options and specific configurations are numerous.  Following is an example quote for a sample scenario:

Customer Opportunity: 

Application server (AD dependent) running on aging hardware. Customer desires reliable, highly available platform for the application server.

Proposed Azure Solution:

Azure Services Quantity Monthly Cost
Application Server Virtual Machine, Standard Medium Size 2 $267.84
Notes: Included 2 VM’s to be part of an Availability Set, qualifying for the Azure 99.95% SLA    
Domain Controller Virtual Machine, Standard Small Size 2 $132
Notes: Recommend 2 DC’s for redundancy.  You can put them in an Availability Set but don’t need to configure replication as DC’s replicate automatically in AD.    
Virtual Network w/ a Site to Site VPN 1 $37.20 ($1.20/day
Notes: The charge is for each Site to Site VPN back to the customer’s data center.  Each site to site VPN is $1.20/day    
Disk Storage 200 GB $19
Notes:  Priced out Geo-Redundant Page Blob & Disk Storage    
Data Backup 200 GB $54.60
Notes: Azure Backup Service at $0.28/GB first 5 GB is free    
Estimated egress traffic 167 GB $20
Notes:  Azure charges for egress (outgoing) data traffic at $0.12/GB/month    
Total   $530.64/ Month

Use the above quote as a guide to pricing out your own solutions.  Keep in mind that Disk Storage, Data Backup and Egress Traffic are consumption based services where the price typically increases as customer data increases over time.

Good luck! 


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  5. Scott Topham says:

    Hi Michael,
    You are correct in saying the pricing calculator can be intimidating (although for me it is more confusing then anything). For instance, if I select any VM it still shows my total cost as zero. How does that make sense? Anyway, I was hoping you could help me
    with this… I have tried to email the person assigned to me to help me with Azure via email and that is like pulling teeth with many of my questions being ignored and not getting answered properly. 🙁 All I want is a small basic level a1 VM with 1.75 GB RAM.
    Ignoring the bandwidth costs, how much will that cost me? And I was told I need to pay for storage on top of the VM? Why isn’t this included and considered a requirement for a VM in the pricing calculator. If I pick a VM shouldn’t it by default specify I need
    storage and add that to my monthly cost? Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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