Microsoft Azure IaaS Implementation Guidance


During the last TechReady Conference  in Seattle I attended a session created and delivered by two Microsoft Premier Field Engineers  and one Technical Account Manager entitled  Azure IaaS: From Playground to Large Scale Deployment - Lessons learned from the Field. 

The session objectives included:

  • Know the challenges that can occur after implementation in Azure IaaS when proper planning is not exercised.
  • Understand the building blocks for successful Azure IaaS implementations.
  • Avoid gotchas that can affect the scalability and performance of infrastructure hosted in Azure.

I walked out of the session knowing this would be one of the more valuable sessions attended since I had not seen planning guidance provided prior and in such understandable terms.  I knew this  information would be key for our SMB Partners as they build their cloud practice so I contacted the presenters to see if they would be willing to document their presentation.  Needless-to-say, I was quite please when they agreed to produce the document and share it out as well.  A fine example of our one Microsoft culture.  My hats off to Santiago, Hugo and Greg.

Please enjoy and utilize the document -

Kathleen Molosky 2013

Kathleen Molosky

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