SMB Advantage: Don’t Miss the Opportunity–Offer Ends May 31


Onur Dogruoz

Yes time is flying and we are almost in the middle of May. It means we now have less than 3 short weeks to take the advantage of this great offer. In March, I have blogged about the details of current SMB Advantage. You can see that blog post here.

Just to quickly remind you the basics;

  • All Office 365 sales (in Open or Advisor) and Dynamics CRM Online (in Advisor) is eligible for 10% partner subsidy funds
  • Office 365 E3, E4 and Power BI SKUs will earn 20% partner subsidy funds. (10% + 10% additional payout)
  • SQL Server Premium Editions (Bussiness Intelligence Edition and Enterprise Edition) and Dynamics CRM (in Open) will earn 12%
  • Eligible purchases must be claimed in 15 days. No exceptions!
  • Offer is valid until May 31

See the list of eligible products, Terms & Conditions and claim your subsidy, please visit

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  1. Shawn Hannan says:

    Hi Onur,

    I see in this posting you specifically call out "no exceptions" to the deadline for registering these purchases within 15 days of purchase, but we would like to write a letter to someone in a leadership position who could consider an exception request. We have
    worked with the SMB promotion support team to no avail; they have been steadfast in their determination to enforce the 15-day limitation. In our case we believed the responsibility for registering the purchases was on the Microsoft partner (Dell), and belatedly
    realized the responsibility actually rested with the consumer/purchaser. We submitted the claim at the 30-day mark. A check was sent to us, and we forwarded it to Dell as payment for services rendered in conjunction with our deployment of Office 365. Microsoft
    subsequently canceled the check, and now Dell is coming to us for payment. We feel this honest misunderstanding should qualify for an exception, but as I said, the support team has been firm. To whom can we send a formal letter requesting further consideration?

    Shawn Hannan
    Strata Decision Technology
    Chicago, IL

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