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As you may know from previous posts, we are hosting the TS2 SMB Azure Boot Camps throughout the month of May, starting today in Bellevue, WA!  Throughout the Boot Camp series, we’ll be referencing several important Azure links that provide guidance in specific areas.  This list will certainly grow throughout the month, so be sure to come back again.  Thanks you and good selling!

Azure Technical Documentation Library

Azure Technical Training Webinars – MPN: http://blogs.technet.com/b/uspartner_ts2team/archive/2014/03/31/azure-technical-training-webinars.aspx

Microsoft Server Software Support for Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Import/Export Service to Transfer Data to Blob Storage

Configuring RDS in Azure:

Licensing RDS:

Step-by-step blog on Azure RDS:

Deploying Office 365 Single Sign-On (AD FS) on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Get your MPN Azure $100 credit (existing cloud partners)

Cloud Partner Programs (new cloud partners)

Setting Site-to-Site VPN

Synchronizing Domain Controllers

RDS Whitepaper

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Comments (5)
  1. Michael Davis says:

    Great learning experience yesterday at Bellevue WA BOOTCAMP. Lots of things that I did not know were possible with Azure such as the single sign in with Microsoft Office 365. This looks like a very valuable tool for clients and partners to subscribe to.

  2. Stu Osborn, BT Global Services says:

    Adding on to Michael’s comment, the session was unique in that it covered the sales opportunities, but also the deployment and interop aspects of Windows AZURE (soon to be Microsoft Azure) and its interop with O365. Thanks for your efforts and those of Rob Waggoner of the TS2 team.

  3. William Coxton, Protelecom, LLC says:

    Robert the training today has been great. I’m looking forward to becoming a SME on Azure. Thanks again.

  4. AsburyIT-GSmith says:

    Really enjoyed yesterday’s session in Chevy Chase MD.

    There are some *tremendous* differentiators with Azure. Way cool!

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