Great Value in the O365 Partner Community Yammer Group


Josh Condie – This resource is a gem.  Both to search/discover, as well as to post questions to.  I’m already using it myself to answer a lot your questions that come through our many communication channels.  I encourage you to join it, explore the Yammer experience, and turn on an incredible presales and postsales support resource that is instantly accessible:


Below is an example query for “Exchange Migration.”  This result set includes 148 conversations – not just links to other postings, but threaded discussions that add context and relevance to the information you are after.  Furthermore, there many powerpoint decks, videos, reference documents and other partner contacts for one to communicate with directly, specifically on this topic.  The richness that Yammer provides here for Partner-to-Partner, as well as Partner-to-Microsoft, goes far beyond a simple blog.  And as this partner Yammer Group grows, so will it’s further relevance. 


It’s 1-click to join – please take a look:  Join the Office 365 Partner Yammer Group now


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