Can Azure VMs use Static IPs?

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Rob Waggoner


I’ve spent a lot of time lately working with Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks on Microsoft Azure.  One of the questions that continues to com up is; “Can I have a Static IP address for my VM?”.  The answer is yes, but you need to use PowerShell to configure the IP address.  There is no way via the standard UI for you to make this change.  The good news is that you can create a new VM, or modify an existing VM to use a Static IP.

The document that talks about setting up the Static IP address is here

The thing I really like about this article is that it shows you how to make sure the IP address you want is available, This ensures you can truly assign the IP address you want.

I also want to point out all of the Virtual Network Configuration Tasks.  The Static IP article is just one of the many articles in the list of Network Configuration Tasks here

If you haven’t used Azure PowerShell before, you need to start here to install Azure PowerShell and connect to your existing Azure subscription.

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