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With CRM Online available to add via the 0365 Administrator Portal your customers may have asked you what it can do for them. With the Spring Wave of CRM product announcements you have lots to tell your customers. Download the Spring Wave Release Preview Guide for details.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a customer relationship management solution providing the ability to track relationships and interactions, automate business processes and gain valuable customer insights. This includes Sales Automation, Marketing Service and Customer Service. Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the interactions your customers have with their customers.

In order to earn revenue via the sale of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you can become a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Software Advisor (CSA). The Microsoft Dynamics CSA helps with presale software assessments and recommendations, as well as serves as the primary post-sale Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation service partner for those customers.  This presents lots of opportunities to add value as a partner. 

To receive a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Software Advisor fee on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM order through Volume Licensing or a subscription, your organization must:

  • Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Sign the Software Advisor fee addendum.
  • Attain certification on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Sign the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement.
  • Meet the minimum revenue requirements found in the Software Advisor Guide.
  • Be involved in the presale software assessment and recommendation process with a customer.
  • Serve as the primary post-sale Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation service partner for that customer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Certification Exam Requirements:

  • One or more employees or contractors are required to collectively pass the following exams:
  • Exam MB2-866: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization
  • Exam MB5-858: Implementation Methodology or Exam MB5-705: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Accreditation

For more information log-on to MPN and go to Solutions > Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Advisor Fees,

You can also view Microsoft Dynamics CSA Operations Guide and FAQ.

Kathleen Molosky 2013

Kathleen Molosky

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