So Office for the iPad is available now… Why should partners care?

J.J. Antequino


Head on over to the Partner Marketing Center and click on the 5 Minute Friday video link [HERE]!!


Ayman from the Office BG says: “From a partner perspective, this is a great opportunity to continue to talk about the Office 365 value prop.  So for customers that have only deployed certain workloads, it’s a great opportunity to reopen that conversation and talk to them about deploying the rest of their workloads.  And for customers that are the fence, it’s a great opportunity to reengage them.  Talk about the Office 365 value prop and how it allows you to engage with them on multiple devices.”

As my teammate Kathleen mentioned earlier, and Office 365 subscription allows you to create and edit documents with the iPad apps.

This means that every customer that you sell Office 365 ProPlus, Small Business Premium. Midsize, E3 and E4 will all set!

You will also want to make sure you pay close attention to the Commercial Use Rights as outlined in the “Office 365 for iPad Commercial Licensing Deck” found [HERE]!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Onur Dogruoz After the launch of Office for iPad almost a month ago, Office Team yesterday announced

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